All of the V actors and actresses that we have met have been so welcoming and thankful for the love and recognition that V has brought them.

For those that we’ve developed a personal relationship with – to think that the performers we watched on a television screen growing up, in one of our favorite miniseries and shows of all time, would become friends that we’d chat with regularly and spend time with outside of a convention is just a blessing beyond fandom.

We are also including a few people of note who have helped us along the way…read the stories of how we met!

Erik Yacko

Steve Perry

Tony & Rosemary Tuski
Photo: Eli Cameron
Commander Ilana

Richard Herd

Greta Blackburn

Michael Wright

KJ & Susie

Robert Englund

Sarah Douglas

Jane Badler

Marc Singer

Frank Ashmore

Leon Delaney

Peter Elbling

Duncan Regher

Sybil Danning
Andrew Prine
Andrew Prine
James Daughton
James Daughton