Blair Tefkin 2023 Autograph Signing

Every time we watch V, we’re reminded of the important role of Robin Maxwell. Robin grows from a petulant teenager into a resistance fighter as we watch her story throughout V and it’s performed marvelously by Blair Tefkin every step of the way.

We reached out to Blair for the then upcoming 40th anniversary to say hello and to see if she had anything to say about her time working on V. After chatting for a bit, we asked if she might be interested in doing an autograph signing for our members as she’s not part of the usual convention circuit. To our delight, she graciously agreed! We sent her our usual care package of a personalized CT-V mug and a 40th anniversary T-shirt that we designed, which she’s wearing in the photo. She liked the headshot we made for her so much, she asked for some extras to give to family!

As has been the case with every person involved with V that we have met, Blair has been so wonderful and generous with her time and we thank her for that.

Since V, Blair has become a prolific musician and we’ve been loving her work – and so have the critics:

“Artful pop suffused with a darkly comic outlook” – Puncture
“Spitefully pleasurable.” – The Village Voice
“Her tunes are witty and pretty, fractured, poignant and often hilarious.” – Los Angeles Times

We encourage you to go and take a listen at or follow her on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music!