Like many of us, we first connected with Peter on social media and what a sweet, accessible man he turned out to be. Now, not only was he Visitor Mortician & Interior Decorator Oswald, but a super-talent in the cult movie favorite Phantom of the Paradise and today he is also a NY Times best selling author! We sent him some prints to sign and also purchased a signed copy of the aforementioned bestseller, The Food Taster, which is an absolutely delightful read.

We are still trying to get him to a con here on the East Coast and we know that when we finally do, it will have been worth the wait!

Be sure and visit his current adventures as Mr Vinégar with Jonesy the Cat and subscribe to his YouTube Channel!

We continued to chat with Peter over the years and started a nice friendship and we’ve purchased some really beautiful pieces of art created by his talented wife (visit to see for yourself!). We had always planned on asking him to do a signing for our members, so when we heard that Denise Galik was going to be at Chiller, we decided to make it a two-fer and he was happy to oblige! This would also give us a chance to send him our traditional CT-V mug, which he loved! We thank Peter for his time and generosity and we hope we can someday meet him in person.

Peter Elbling - Oswald