At Spring Chiller 2108, After we met Russ Tamblyn, we were in front of George Chakiris’ table when his handler said, “You know, my husband used to be your commander.” Turns out, it was Heather Prine, wife of Andrew Prine, who played Stephen in the original V! She asked to take our picture, which, of course, we said yes to and told her how we’d actually had possession of one of his overlays for a short time on loan from a collector friend!

Then, she asked if we’d like to talk to him – and dialed him on the phone! We both got to speak with him and he lamented on the lack of mouse delicacies in Manhattan and asked us to make sure no one ran off with his wife! What an absolutely delightful moment – and thank you Heather for making it happen amidst all the chaos of the con!