We first met Greta through social media and found out that she really wanted to get out there and meet her fans. As a result, we we were able to help her join the mini-V reunion with Frank Ashmore, Marc Singer, and Richard Herd that was taking place at ComiCONN 2017. It was her first con in a long time and she was excited to catch up with her old castmates.

We had the pleasure of taking Greta, Frank, and Richard out to dinner that Saturday night – one of our best nights this group has ever put together. It was the perfect chance to get to know these wonderful people who were part of this show that still means so much to us to this day. Greta actually stood up and led a toast to show how thankful she was for the love from us and her fan base and we were truly touched.

We became such good friends with her after that June, that the following year we paid her expenses to have her as our personal CT-V guest at ComiCONN 2018!

Since then, we’ve been fortunate to enjoy some awesome social times with Greta outside of conventions and we love the down-to-earth, fun, and creative person she is. Greta has truly become a part of our extended CT-V family and we are so grateful to have her in our lives.

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Greta Blackburn and the CT-V: Connecticut Mothership