For those that maybe don’t know, Ilana started a V website during the 80s-90s where she posted upgrade and her meetings with many of the V creators and actors – a website that many of us visited regularly for a dose of V. Ilana was keeping V alive then – and still is!

We attended New York Comic Con in 2011 with a decent-sized group of us in our V costumes and met a lot of cool new people. One of them was wearing a V shirt and demanded that we take a picture with her being “detained” by our group. We were happy to oblige and while we chatted afterwards we were so happy to realize that this Ilana was THE Ilana from the website!

We’ve stayed in touch ever since, doing some other things together and helping each other to continue to keep V alive in our own ways. We are so thankful that Ilana has become part of our V family! Visit Project Alice on Facebook!