We first met Richard in 2015 at Chiller Theater in New Jersey and the second he spotted us, he lit up with a huge smile and welcomed us as our Supreme Commander. We presented him with a mug with the CT-V logo and his name in Visitor characters and he loved it! He began to tell us stories right then and there – a precursor to the many stories he’s told us since then from his many years as an actor. We had a fantastic time chatting with him and hoped to see him again.

Well, we did see him again at ComiCONN 2017 along with Marc Singer, Frank Ashmore, and Greta Blackburn for a mini-V reunion and had the pleasure of getting to know him even better over that weekend. He was accessible, open, and welcoming to all of our members and a bond was solidified with us that we cherish until this day.

We even had the pleasure of taking Richard, Frank, and Greta out to dinner that Saturday night – one of our best nights this group has ever put together. We all got the chance to get to know these wonderful people who were part of this show that still means so much to us to this day.

We have also gotten to know about Richard’s other artistic endeavors in painting and sculpture, and we are proud one of his paintings – a self-portrait of him as Supreme Commander John – which hangs proudly in our Shop for all to see and admire.

Since then, we keep in touch regularly.  Richard has truly become a part of our family and we so fortunate to have him in our lives.

Visit Richard Herd on Facebook and his website www.richardherd.com!

Richard Herd - John - Photo: Lessa Jacozie