Sarah was the first V actor that we met as a group at Rhode Island Comic Con in 2013. We invited her to come and see us at our table – our first time exhibiting as a group at RICC – and when she did, we were pleased to introduce her to all the members present. She told us she was impressed at how many of us were there and was so open with all of us, telling stories about her time on the miniseries. After a little bit of chatting, Adina presented her with our little gift – her own CT-V mug with “Sarah” written in Visitor characters on the other side. As soon as she saw it, she said, “You DARLING girl!” and gave Adina the biggest hug! As she looked it over more closely, she told us how much she loved it because it was a practical gift!

The following day when Adina told Sarah how glad she was that she truly enjoyed the mug we’d given her, she told us that *absolutely* she loved it and she’d put it right to use as soon as she got back to her room on Saturday night! When we mentioned that it was nice that the tea in the room was Earl Grey (which we knew she loved), she said, “Oh no, I bring my own favorite tea with me!” She’d gotten a new supply of it and was speaking to her nephew about how she couldn’t enjoy it with the plastic mugs the hotel supplied because she needed “a proper piece of porcelain” – and then we went and gave her one! Before we left her to continue her day, we thanked her for all the time she’d spent with us and she said, “This isn’t over – to be continued!” And it has been!

Sarah Douglas was an absolute joy to meet, funny and witty and just so generous to spend time with a bunch of no-name fans who would have been happy enough to just say hello. Thank you for everything, Sarah…until next time!

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Sarah Douglas - Pamela