We met Michael Swan aka Officer Bob Briggs from V: The Original Miniseries at Chiller Theatre in the fall of 2023. We were doubly excited as we also loved his performance as Officer Pappas in Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives!

As we prepared our usual CT-V mug, we thought instead of putting his name in Visitor, we’d also include the logo for El Tepeyac Cafe – a real life restaurant in California – to reference his famous lines.

When we first arrived at the table he saw the photos we were having him sign and immediately said “El Tepeyac! Never heard of it!”

We asked him what the story was behind that line, which he was happy to share. He told us how the whole cast and crew LOVED that restaurant’s food and the production would often have their famous burritos delivered to the set!

After the stories and the signings, we presented his mug and he grinned ear to ear to see that the mug included the El Tepeyac logo! He was genuinely touched by the gift and said “Thank you, guys, I’m going to cherish this forever.”

As is typical of all the V actors we’ve met he was gracious and generous with his time and we thank him for that.