We were attending Chiller 2015 to meet a couple of V guests – Sybil being one of them! While we were talking to a guest at an adjoining table, her handler approached us to ask if WE would mind taking pictures with Sybil after the interview she was in the middle of giving! Of course, we said yes!

We waiting until she was done, went over to her table, took pictures, shook her hand and thanked her for the opportunity. She insisted on posing with one of our Visitor pistols, which we were more than happy to provide! We thanked her and moved on…

Then later, as we were having dinner in the bar with Leon Delaney – all of us still in uniform, mind you – we saw that Sybil was dining off to our right. We ordered a drink for her and when it came, she raised it in our direction and said thank you. We also had a little fun as Sybil and Adina did some joking “I’m keeping my eyes on you” gestures, all the while laughing. We went over to shake her hand again and thank her for being so accessible to the fans – and just a classy lady in general.

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Sybil Danning